mobile terror-barrier

The mobile truck barrier

made of reinforced concrete, developed by professionals and certified by Dekra.

dekra tested

THE MOBILE TRUCK BARRIER is an Anti-Terror-Barrier with a highly effective stopping force against various road vehicles consisting of interconnected individual elements, which are interlocked and connected together by steel ropes. The vehicles drive over the ramp of the “Betonschuhe” and are then stopped by the barrier wall at the end of the component. At higher speeds, the barriers create their own leverage and effectively prevent further travel into the secured zone.

LEGO bricks made of concrete are currently being used without these innovative ideas and, as proven, do not work and thus represent a danger. We strongly recommend their replacement with another tested protection system to prevent further hazards.


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Functional Verification

Mobile Terror-Barrier stopped Lorry - DEKRA Test on 16.05.2019

mobile terror-barrier

The truck dives into the shock absorbers and drives up the ramp of the BETONSCHUH up to its rear wall and is stopped. The connecting cables of the BETONSCHUH-chain absorb the first impact and the entire weight and energy of the truck are forced onto the BETONSCHUH, which now pushes over its base edge and onto its back and continues to stop the truck.

With the remaining energy, the truck pushes onto the BETONSCHUH, which unfolds its leverage and destroys sensitive functional parts of the truck (which are located directly behind the driver's cab) with its base edge. The truck is then stuck on the components and is unfit for driving. The controlled stopping effect of the system is particularly advantageous. Neither truck nor concrete parts are released uncontrollably or explosively. This characterizes the perfect effect of the modular Terror-Barrier.

The test at DEKRA on 16.05.19 in Neumünster proved the mode of action and function of the BETONSCHUH to inhibit a 12t truck driving at 49 km/h and to prevent a further drive by the destruction of the truck technology. The concrete parts were, as desired, only insignificantly damaged.

dekra tested dekra tested


mobile terror-barrier


  • developed by experts and certified by DEKRA
  • certified to the European Norm 2013 N3D, IWA14-1
  • highly controlled stopping effect on any surface
  • recommended by safety experts
  • vehicle immobilized
  • self-locking
  • no uncontrolled or explosive release of vehicle parts on impact
terror barrier


  • interlocking connection of the parts
  • stable, safe reinforced concrete construction
  • leverage against the vehicle
  • „brake wedge“ mode of action
  • 12t at 50km/h to 9,50m

modular stable combinable


  • faster installation at big events
  • flexible, versitile use
  • modular and combinable
  • maintenance and supervision free
  • purchase or rent
  • deliverable by freight forwarder
  • regional availability
  • low installation costs


 truck barrier buy rent
 truck barrier buy rent
 truck barrier buy rent

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Buy or Rent for your Big Event

€ 3140 Net / Piece

Purchase Price

plus Delivery

  • Recommendation:
    You need at least three pieces per driving lane width
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 truck barrier purchase rent
€ 53 Net / Piece

Rental Price / Day

plus Delivery and Installation

  • Recommendation:
    You need at least three pieces per driving lane width
+49(0)3672 347106